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About ProBaltic

About ProBaltic

We are consulting company successfully involved in attraction of funding aimed at our Clients growth, research and foresights leading to initiation and management of transformative change projects in different sectors. We also closely work with a number of local and international partners and experts representing best industry minds.

Our Mission

Based on mutual trust and partnership to enable clients’ access to appropriate sources of funding necessary for successful growth and achievement of organizational goals

Our Vision

ProBaltic Consulting is among the top of the most reliable and most successful consulting companies in the Baltic States engaged in funding attraction.

Discussion of success cases
About ProBaltic

Our Cases

Technology platform to deliver a premium and personalised concierge

ProBaltic attracted EU funding for Velocity Black R&D project. The overarching objective of Velocity Black is to deliver a premium and personalised concierge for its members at scale. This requires connecting the members who use the Velocity Black mobile app to...

ProBaltic Consulting has successfully attracted funding from EU structural funds and climate change programmes for the deployment of solar power plants in companies

ProBaltic Consulting has successfully attracted EU structural funds and climate change programme funding for the installation of solar power plants in the manufacturing companies Orion Global PET, Modus Group, Danspin, Vilniaus Pergalė, NS2, Migiris, Skanėsis, Bigso,...

R&D project of AI based Realistic Avatar development

ProBaltic has successfully prepared ICT companies in Norway and Lithuania the applied research and development project ‘Investigation and development of AI based Realistic Avatar with Self-Learning Capabilities‘ that was confirmed funding under the Norwegian Financial...

Projects related to energy efficiency audits in manufacturing

Probaltic Consulting has prepared documentation and helped to attract funding for companies working in manufacturing sector to finance energy audits for equipment and technological processes. Probaltic Consulting has contributed to the development of 25 percent of all...

Investment projects related to energy efficiency in buildings

ProBaltic Consulting prepared investment projects and other necessary documentation for public finance, health care, cultural and other institutions under the public building energy efficiency support program. These projects aim to improve energy efficiency in public...

The Case of Museums’ and Schools’ Collaboration Foresight

In 2014, by order of Lithuanian Association of Museums, ProBaltic Consulting organised and held strategic planning training and future scenario building workshops. The task of ProBaltic Consulting was to furnish participants with knowledge and skills in strategic...

UAB “Komfovent” production efficiency improvement and essential manufacturing process change project

For UAB Komfovent, ProBaltic Consulting has developed 11,000,000 Euro investment project, which was partly financed from the EU Structural Funds. The project aimed to improve production efficiency and to change the essential production process, including construction...

Conducting market research and development of the export strategy for the manufacturer of engineering equipment

While reflecting the needs of the client engaged in production of engineering equipment and seeking to adapt to the fierce competition conditions and to expand the geographic reach to markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, France, Germany, UK, and Spain,...

Strengthening of NGO “Goodwill projects (“Geros valios projektai“)” institutional capacities to implement social support projects

PI “Goodwill projects (“Geros valios projektai“)” (hereinafter – the GWP), in cooperation with UAB ProBaltic Consulting, has successfully developed and implemented a project financed under the Lithuanian and Swiss Cooperation Programme. Given the limited ability of...

Improvement of Abilities of Centre for Anti-Corruption to Implement the Corruption Prevention Programmes

Public institution “Centre for Anti-Corruption” (hereinafter – the Centre), in cooperation with UAB ProBaltic Consulting, has successfully developed and implemented a project under the Lithuanian and Swiss Cooperation Programme, by strengthening institutional...


The more than ten-year long partnership with ProBaltic experts in improving the innovative environment of Lithuania made it possible to formulate many documents and insights necessary for the creation of the currently implemented Lithuanian innovation system. Having a good knowledge of the field of innovation, being knowledgeable, interested in the breakthrough of Lithuania as a state, using the latest knowledge and technologies, the experts effectively contributed to the breakthrough of Lithuania as a country at the Knowledge Economy Forum. with the help of the latest knowledge and technologies, the level ensured the high-quality involvement of experts in the activities of the Knowledge Economy Forum.


We are thankful to “ProBaltic Consulting” colleagues for their speed, accountability, going deep into project details and, of course, first-class professionalism”


JSC ProBaltic Consulting is a team of highly qualified and competent professionals, who always take into consideration a client’s wishes, are ready to assist and advise in every possible way, perform works efficiently and on time, and are reliable representatives of a client’s interests. We are happy with this company’s projects and recommend it as a partner in the development of investment projects.


JSC Danspin produces yarn which is successfully exported to carpet manufacturers in Britain, the U.S., and China. The yarn, teaselled and spinned in Lithuania, is used to weave carpets for homes, offices, hotels, cruise ships, airplanes, and so on. ProBaltic Consulting has assisted in development of an investment project and, thus, to successfully attract EUR 11 million of foreign investment in the company’s production and human resource development in Lithuania. Consultants of ProBaltic Consulting have provided professional help in all phases of the project, starting from idea generation to implementation.


During seven years of our cooperation with ProBaltic Consulting, we have been constantly informed of funding opportunities available to us. The company was successfully expanded into foreign markets thanks to seven successful projects developed in collaboration with ProBaltic, with a value over EUR 15 million. ProBaltic team has quickly and effectively solved all the project financing related issues.


For several years now, ProBaltic Consulting has been rendering consulting services to AGA CAD Ltd. on attraction of funding, development and introduction to market of new products. Their services are of the highest quality. “ProBaltic Consulting” employees, both as people and experts, possess professionalism, excellent communication skills, and their consultancies helped to increase added value to our company. It is a pleasure to recommend them as experts for complex tasks which require a sound understanding, fast response, and taking into account a client’s needs.


Probaltic Consulting employs a professional team of specialists providing quality project management services, capable of timely and responsible implementation of its contractual obligations. For two years we were carrying out a joint EU structural funds’ supported project. Sincere cooperation , professional competence and quality of service fully ensured the success of the project .