Research & Foresight

Our world is full of mind-boggling complex situations. These situations are difficult to understand, and even more difficult – if not impossible – to solve. The purpose of foresight – to give insights to our clients how concrete industry and/or sector is going to develop in a global environment, how to tackle the arising challenges and remain competitive. The pioneers in this area were Shell Company. Shell has been developing scenarios to explore the future since the early 1970s. Scenarios are stories that consider “what if?” questions. Whereas forecasts focus on probabilities, scenarios consider a range of plausible futures and how these could emerge from the realities of today.

Monitoring and analyzing technical, economic and social mega trends as well as competitive best practices and emerging markets enables our clients to have a complete picture of their sector (industry), as well as how all other sectors (industries) are impacted by these factors. Our research provides our clients critical information that aids in development of their visionary skills, relevant to tackle the future challenges as well as to meet or exceed their defined strategic goals.

Governments, companies, organizations are expected to adjust to an ever-accelerating pace of change within an ever-decreasing response time drawing corresponding strategies. Our specific and deep expertise in different industries and government domains means we can help our clients adopt responsive solutions, adapt to change in a compressed time frame, and apply transformational strategies that enable them to better fulfill their missions. We help to our clients develop strategic visions, improve business processes and build new capabilities for long-term success.

Research & Foresight
Future foresight

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