UAB Techniniai Projektai, with the assistance of ProBaltic Consulting, has implemented a research and development project on creation of innovative computerised maintenance management system software solution under the measure “Intelligence LT.”

UAB Techniniai Projektai specialises in IT and engineering solutions, which increase production process efficiency and reliability, for heavy oil processing manufacturing, and power industries. The use of outdated technology in major industries of Lithuania and the CIS has caused the need  for innovative maintenance management system software.

ProBaltic Consulting, in cooperation with UAB Techniniai Projektai, has helped to select the right financing scheme, to assess the project’s feasibility. Under the project, there were existing database systems analysed and the most appropriate type of database chosen, by comparing advantages and disadvantages of the relational and object-oriented database management systems.

A innovative computerised maintenance management system was developed during the project. This management system allows to significantly cut plant maintenance, repair, and operation costs and to increase performance. The project results have contributed to achievement of strategic development objectives of UAB Techniniai Projektai.

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