By order of Šilutė District Municipality, UAB ProBaltic Consulting has developed Silute district small and medium business development programme. To this effect, it has conducted the district’s economic environment, demographic and labour market situation analysis and, based on findings of this analysis, proposed recommendations for development of small and medium size businesses in Šilutė district.

Development is different in various regions of Lithuania due to labour shortages, a lack of intellectual capital, and high-tech development issues in certain districts. The programme provides a wide range of measures to municipality; it not only fully reflects the need for public services to businesses, but also offers measures less common among Lithuanian municipal governments, though, highly recommended by experts, such as subsidies for start-ups by university students, implementation of environmental and quality systems, certification of goods and services, staff training in the field of innovation, as well as granting soft loans and municipal guarantees to SMEs. The proposed measures are ranked in order of priority, starting with the best package of measures meeting municipal needs.

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