Public institution “Centre for Anti-Corruption” (hereinafter – the Centre), in cooperation with UAB ProBaltic Consulting, has successfully developed and implemented a project under the Lithuanian and Swiss Cooperation Programme, by strengthening institutional capacities and financial indecency of the organisation.

Given a high level of corruption in Lithuania, a weak and passive civil society, the goal of the Centre for Anti-Corruption is to promote anti-corruption education activities and to encourage the public to contribute thereto. In pursuance of destroying causes of corruption in the long term, the project involves an educational programme for 15-19 years old pupils, whereby the Centre’s staff competences are strengthened.

Under the project, there have been conducted an analysis of models for anti-corruption and application thereof in Lithuania, training on improvement of business communication skills, fundraising and fund attraction, creation of mechanisms for NGO cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, development of the strategy of Centre for Anti-Corruption and the service marketing plan.

The project has helped to increase personnel competence, proficiency, to assure continuity, to improve service delivery and fundraising process. Anti-corruption education is aimed at strengthening citizenship and public awareness of youth, diminishing social exclusion, encouraging the society to contribute to public administration and public activities.


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