UAB Ergolain Projektai, with the assistance of ProBaltic Consulting, has successfully developed and implemented a project on development of general and professional competencies of furniture manufacturers’ staff costing 308,382.18 Euro under the measure “Human Resources Development in Enterprises”.

Due to globalisation, product mix, and technological development, the furniture industry is becoming increasingly complex. According to the sectoral studies conducted in the EU and Lithuania, furniture design and marketing are a kind of two supports for the successful development strategy within the industry. Such strategy requires skilled and educated workforce capable to carry out technical, supervisory, and management functions.

ProBaltic Consulting, in close cooperation with UAB Ergolain Projektai, has helped to select the right financial scheme, to assess training needs and current supply in the market. The training plan included 4 target groups – executives, managers, engineers/designers, and administrators of enterprises. In total, 58 employees were trained during the project. Executives and managers acquired the latest knowledge in management, engineers/designers gained skills in advanced design software, administrators learnt to organise work and developed other skills needed for their duties. Furthermore, all employees improved their English language skills. The project results have contributed to the achievement of strategic objectives of UAB Ergolain Projektai.

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