ProBaltic Consulting developed business plans and other necessary documentation for companies planning to invest in construction of biofuel power plants (production of biogas from agricultural and other waste). Investments aim to create a highly productive and innovative infrastructure for biogas production, thereby increasing labor productivity rates and company’s competitiveness. The total value of the projects is more than Eur 15 m.

Global trends suggests that production of biogas from organic waste and biomass are getting very popular all over the world. Because of stricter environmental requirements, which encourage agricultural and food companies to use waste disposal technologies, alternative energy sources are becoming more and more popular. Global and local trends allow believing in the success of this business, however, there is a need of external financing since these kind of projects require substantial investments.

The use of biomass has some significant advantages over other fuels. Combustion of biomass emits neutral CO2 emissions. What is more, the environment is not polluted with aromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur compounds and heavy metals. The implementation of these biogas infrastructure projects will generate multiple benefits: both financial and social (economical).

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