Klaipeda District Public Health Office, in collaboration with its partners – Klaipeda district, Skuodas district, and Rietavas municipalities and UAB ProBaltic Consulting – initiated a project aimed to improve and expand provision of health care services to educational institutions in Klaipeda, Skuodas districts and Rietavas municipality and, thus, to reduce inequalities in health care services among the municipalities.

The need for the project in the municipalities arose upon identifying a continuous increase in adult and child morbidity rate and unsatisfactory condition of health care institutions in the above municipalities.

The project will have a direct impact on child health care in the participating institutions and disease prevention. Activities under the project are planned to include the repair of 15 educational institutions’ medical offices: 10 – in Klaipeda district municipality, 3 – in Skuodas district municipality, and 2 – in Rietavas municipality.

Primary and secondary measures acquired within the project will facilitate the effective prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases, assure a more effective first aid in the facilities, a more efficient control of compliance with hygiene standards and child health monitoring. Implementation of the project will allow to better deal with threats to children’s health, promote healthy lifestyle, and provide health-related knowledge, as well as to run alcohol, tobacco and other psychoactive substance use prevention.


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